How to clean chef’s overalls

How to clean chef’s overalls:  

1, when cleaning the chef’s work clothes, pour proper amount of white vinegar and baking soda into the basin, soak the oil stains for half an hour, and then rub and clean them.  

2. Oil spots are generally used by hand or washing machine on the washable chef work clothes fabric. By rubbing, and adding a little detergent or dry cleaning solvent, the old stains can be solved.  Or buy a sponge, glue it with cornstarch or talcum powder, stick it on the stain, squeeze or hold, and repeat a few times until most of the stain is gone.  

3. chef work clothes may not only have oil stains, but also juice or coffee, food coloring and the like. The fastest way to clean such stains on work clothes is to wipe the stains off with cold water as soon as possible.  If not, soak the clothes in cold water for half an hour.  

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